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Calmando Qual
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ABOUT Calmando Qual

In 2001, Hibiki and Tak formed Calmando Qual as a pair.
With the music of ‘gothic rock’ at their core.
In addition to lyrics based on the theme of the cruelty and grief that lurk within beauty, and pieces that produce feelings of tension or exhilaration like music in a movie. performances that use props and fire and such. With live performances that hammer out a peculiar world view via a fastidiousness regarding image and lighting effects. Not just domestic, they are showered with attention from foreign street scenes and before now they have acted in 4 European tours.

In 2006, at Germany’s leading gothic event “Amphi Festival,” they enchanted an aggressive stage before an audience of 2,000 people and the following year released a live & image DVD in Europe

Also with regards to domestic activity, from their first formation they have made countless projects of autonomous events in order to attempt a revitalization of the scene.
Up until now they have released 3 albums (including 1 mini album and 1 remix album), 3 singles, one DVD and have participated in several compilation CDs.

In 2007, in pursuit of a more emotional, heavier band sound. Along with a change to their visual aspect, the band name was changed to Twisted Clock and major distribution full album was released from EXELLEX Records.
And in June of 2009, they once again resumed activities under the original name of Calmando Qual


Vocal: Hibiki
Guitar: Tak
Bass: Kenka
Drums: Maya


Mod: nagashiwa

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